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Negative Engraving
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Ability Stone
Positive Engraving
Positive Engraving
Negative Engraving
Outcome Probability
Success / Fail
Automatically Adjust
Success Chance

How to use

  • Select the number of slots for the Ability Stone
  • Adjust the Goal numbers to your preference. You can focus a certain engraving or minimize negative outcomes (higher numbers focus the engraving)
  • Follow the “recommended” options for the best chances.
  • Update the calculator with the in-game success / fail result
  • Repeat until the Ability Stone is complete
  • Use the Undo button if you made a mistake or Reset button to try different possible outcomes
  • Often the goal becomes impossible to achieve. (Ex. If the Engraving A target is 9 and you have succeeded 6 times, but only 2 chances remain) In this case, the outcome probabilty displays as 0%, so the goal needs to be readjusted. This will be automatically adjusted for you if you select the Auto Adjust option